Pomsky Videos

Pomsky Videos

Pomsky Videos Of Pomsky Dogs & Pomsky Puppies

Enjoy these funny and entertaining videos of the most popular dog today. This cute puppy is a mix of the Pomeranian and Husky dogs. The breed is excellent for family with children. Fun-filled excitement from this dog breed brings lots of entertainment and enjoyment when this pet dog is part of your family. Watch these dog videos now … enjoy!

pomsky videosWhich of the featured videos above is your favorite. Most people agree that the pomsky is the favorite among dog owners because of its temperament and traits. To learn more about this unique puppy breed and dog, you may wish to visit these facts about this dog from veterinarians.

These adorable dogs love to run. It’s best to give them lots of running room … a big lawn or yard in which these funny puppies can run free.

Are Pomsky Good Pets?

Are Pomsky good pets? Ask anyone who owns this new breed of dogs and you’ll hear them answer yes. Pomskies are recognized as intelligent, trainable, super-loyal, energy-filled dogs. This is a loving and cuddly dog breed. It becomes quickly evident this dog is the perfect pet.  The size is inherited from its dog parents (Husky and Pomeranian) and can be between the size of either of these two dogs.

These energetic dogs provide a very playful focus throughout their lives.  They can be very funny and fun. With older children who know how to treat and respect a dog, these make good pets for any family.

Can Pomsky Be Left Alone?

 When this cute dog is left alone for long periods of time they often become bored which may lead to them becoming somewhat destructive by biting furniture and other objects.  It’s important for this dog breed to have at least one long walk each week because it requires a lot of exercise.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Pomsky?

The lifespan of this dog depends primarily on the dominant gene of the parent dogs. On average a Pomsky will live between 12 to 15 years. Understanding the need for exercise and proper diet should help the pet owner enhance the dog’s lifespan by several years.

Do Pomsky Dogs Bark A Lot?

Not necessarily. From well-adjusted and properly trained Pomskies there should not be excessive barking. Any nuisance barking can easily be corrected with proper training. As you watch the Pomsky videos keep this in mind. You’ll discover this adorable dog normally does very little excessive barking.

How Fast Do Pomsky Grow?

How fast do Pomsky grow? Good question? A Pomsky normally reaches their full grown size in about one year. The Pomsky is more than half finished growing after its first six month. They usually easily adapt to apartment living. These dogs are not suitable for living in southern countries or in overheated loft apartments. Normally with blue eyes like the Husky parent dog, full grown breed reaches 20 to 30 pounds.  The teddy bear look of these dogs when they are puppies make them very popular.

What Foods Are Best For This Adorable Pet?

A high meat content diet will prove beneficial. It’s not as important whether you feed wet or dry food to the dog. Small breed puppies need  puppy food with small croquettes. The right size for dry food can be considered later as the puppy grows.